Technology is a tremendous thing and has brought immeasurable benefits to the global logistics industry.It helps us to develop routes, navigate vessels, shorten and balance supply chains, and reduces redundancy and enhances efficiencies in almost every operation. As in most industries, logistics professionals have become computer and internet smart, making it easier for them to adapt to new applications that become available, and many keep an open eye for something new that could help them compete in a challenging global market.

Solutions providers generally recognize that people are more adaptable to new solutions,especially when they are designed like so many “apps” used every day on smart phones and social networks. If they are easy to use, intuitive, and don’t appear to be too complicated, the average person is usually willing to give it a try. The developers know that an attractive user interface will gain quick attention and is the shortest path to capture new users.

The challenge to the solutions buyer, however, is to look behind the curtain to see if the “wizard” is really what he seems to be. Is the application effectively designed to have the features and capabilities that will actually allow them to meet the business objectives? Is the technology used to create the solution efficient, reliable, secure, and flexible enough to operate your mission critical solution across a global network? When evaluating “bet your business” solutions, have you really looked at the foundation of the solution as well as the cover?

When Intellect Technologies decided to develop solutions for the logistics industry, they decided that they wanted to offer applications that would effectively operate in a global market. The basic criteria were to be scalable, dependable and secure, easily enhanced and modified, and offer good value for the cost. They wanted to create solutions that could effectively support small, single location operations, but could also manage the business of medium and large logistics provider networks operating in every global region.

Intellect built the foundation first by selecting the database and the technologies that would meet the objectives. They chose the tools with the highest rating by industry experts for reliability, scalability, and performance. Intellect chose to build their solutions on Oracle, the world’s leading technology that holds twice the market share of their next closest competitor. The solutions would be web based applications. They would be able to be delivered to customer sites or could be hosted SaaS solutions operated on Intellect servers.

Intellect Technologies then built the framework for their applications, adding the functionality demanded by the Forwarders, NVOCC’s, and Shipping Liners that would rely on Intellect solutions to deliver world class services to their customers. The solutions are fully e-commerce enabled, providing connectivity to customers, customs agencies, and solution extensions. They were designed for single entry operations, eliminating the need to enter data more than once for any operation. The modules have been logically organized, allowing for enhancements and customizations with the least amount of effort.

Finally, Intellect Technologies has begun the process to enhance the user experience in Version 2.0 by developing an industry leading HTML user interface. The specifications created by Intellect and the market offer flexibilities in screen formatting, content, and workflow. They offer operator “personalization” features to enhance the efficiencies of each individual user. They enhance connectivity to other solutions, internet based data, and closed networks. The tools deployed to create the interface provide an “industrial strength” environment that is secure from intrusion, but open enough to share with customers and trading partners as needed.

Freight Forwarders and NVOCC’s of any size should consider the Intellect eFreight solution, and Shipping Liners handling containers, break-bulk, RO/RO, Reefers, ISO Tank, Project Moves, and Haz-Mat should consider Intellect eShip to manage their operational processes. The advantages offered by Intellect Technologies are feature rich solutions that can expand and change with your business , built on industrial strength technologies, designed for the efficiency of the end user, and provided with reasonable pricing and excellent value.

John LeDuc
Director,Global Sales
Intellect Technologies Inc

CONTACT: John LeDuc (+1 952.446.9117) / Email: jleduc@intellecttech.com)


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